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Wild Outside - Around the World with Survivorman

Wild Outside

Around the World with Survivorman

By Les Stroud
Illustrated by Andrew P. Barr
Interest Age: 8–12
Grade: 4–7
Reading Age: 8–12
Paperback : 9781773215075, 152 pages, March 2021 , 9.50" x 7.00"

Table of contents

Your Introduction to Adventure
Chapter 1: Slip-Sliding My Way into Hypothermia
Chapter 2: High-Speed Moose Chase
Chapter 3: That’s not an Egg!
Chapter 4: Here, Kitty, Kitty
Chapter 5: The Christmas Snails
Chapter 6: Foggy Brain Syndrome
Part 3: REACT
Chapter 7: Come and Find Me!
Chapter 8: Eye of the Jaguar
Chapter 9: Night of the Mini-Vampires
Part 4: ADAPT
Chapter 10: A Tale of Two Grubs
Chapter 11: Sleeping with the Cockroaches
Chapter 12: The Coldest Night of the Year
Epilogue to Adventure
Special Thanks
Further Reading


Join TV’s Survivorman on twelve edge-of-your-seat adventures as he proves anyone can be an outdoor explorer.
From surviving a frigid night in northern Canada to munching on grubs in the Australian Outback, Les Stroud’s passion for the outdoors has driven him to some of the planet’s most remote and beautiful locations. In Wild Outside, he invites readers into his world of wilderness adventures with fast-paced
stories, nature facts, and practical advice for spending time outside. Featuring kid-friendly activities and tips like how to safely observe wildlife, Stroud shows readers that adventure awaits everywhere—whether in a jungle or a city park. Andrew P. Barr’s dramatic illustrations amp up the excitement alongside photos of Survivorman’s adventures.