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Brandon James Scott

Brandon James Scott is a creative director, illustrator, writer, and dad living in Toronto. He’s the creator of the award-winning animated series, Justin Time. Find him on Instagram @brandonjamesscott. ...

Sarah Tsiang

Sarah Tsiang is an award-winning poet as well as a children's book author. Her books with Annick Press include A Flock of Shoes, Dogs Don't Eat Jam and Other Things Big Kids Know, Warriors and Wailers: ...

Qin Leng

Qin Leng works as a designer on feature films and television series, as well as a freelance illustrator. She has illustrated numerous children's books around the world, including A Flock of Shoes. She ...

Drew Shannon

Drew Shannon is a freelance illustrator whose clients have included Reader’s Digest, New York Public Radio, NPR Music, and The Globe and Mail. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Paula Ayer

PAULA AYER has worked as an editor, translator, and art director, and has written for magazines and websites. She lives with her family in Vancouver, BC.

Belle Wuthrich

Belle Wuthrich is a designer and illustrator who lives in Vancouver, BC.