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Gayna Theophilus appointed Acquiring Editor

By Annick Press September 08, 2020

Jaclyn Desforges & Anna Fitzpatrick on an #authorplaydate

By Serah-Marie McMahon September 09, 2020

Rebecca Thomas & Allison Mills on an #authorplaydate

By Serah-Marie McMahon October 11, 2020

Celebrate WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET? November 20

By Serah-Marie McMahon November 12, 2020

Call for submissions! Trans Anthology for Young Readers

By Annick Press November 26, 2020

Call for submissions | Trans Anthology for Young Readers

Trans/nonbinary/Two-Spirit/genderqueer/gender creative/gender noncompliant folks, this is a call for you.

Annick's Staff Book Picks 2020

By Annick Press December 17, 2020

Annick Press Mentorship

By Annick Press January 12, 2021

Black History Month Khodi Dill Interview

By Annick Press February 22, 2021 Tags: Black History Month, Khodi Dill, Welcome to the Cypher,

In honor of Black History Month, we asked spoken word artist and educator Khodi Dill about his book WELCOME TO THE CYPHER (Annick Press, October 12, 2021).