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Make a Friend (48 Grasshopper Estates Activity)

By Annick Press Date: April 20, 2021 Tags: 48GrasshopperEstates, Diverse books




In 48 Grasshopper Estates, Sicily Bridges loves to make new friends and so does author Sara de Waal. Leading up to 48 Grasshopper Estates, we worked with Sara de Waal to feature some really cute friends on Annick's Instagram page (@Annick_press) and on Sara's (

Here are two of the friends featured on Annick's page. You can find more cute friends on Annick's Instagram and on Sara de Waal's pages.

Meet Millicent!


Favorite Color: pink scrunchy

Favorite Food: peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches

Favorite Activity: Doodling with markers or crayons and sometimes, even with paint. Today she was inspired by spring flowers blooming in the rain. 

Favorite Number: 62. That's how many crayons she has collected so far! She's still waiting for Crayola to make a color called pink scrunchy. That will be a very good day


Meet Gwendolyn M. Cook, another fun friend.

image2 (1)

Favorite color: cheddar cheese
Favorite food: macaroni and cheese, crackers and cheese, cheese pizza, cheesy risotto, cheesy lasagna, well, you get the idea.
Favorite activity: stirring cheese into things while wearing delightful aprons and singing along to something jazzy, periodically using the spoon as a microphone.

You can make your own friend like Millicent or Gwendolyn, but this is just a fun example of friends you can make on your Make a Friend activity.