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ANNOUNCEMENT: A New Partnership, Annick Press and ECW

ANNOUNCEMENT: A New Partnership, Annick Press and ECW

Press Release

By Annick Press Date: August 27, 2020



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A new partnership: ownership transition between ECW and Annick Press

Thursday, August 27, 2020 — TORONTO, ON: January 2021 will mark a new partnership between long-time Canadian independent publishers ECW Press and Annick Press. Over five years, majority ownership of Annick Press will gradually transition from Annick publisher Rick Wilks to ECW co-publisher David Caron. The two companies, one who publishes mostly for adults, the other for children and young adults, will remain separate entities, with staff, brands, finances, and editorial mandates unchanged, but will embark on a new collaboration between the houses. 

The arrangement has been in the works for several years and is undertaken with much care and consideration. Caron and Wilks have long admired one another’s efforts, and the two longstanding proudly Canadian publishing houses felt naturally complementary. They hope for the new relationship to bring innovation, shared expertise, and some economies of scale that can ensure each company finds even more success in the future.

Of the partnership, Wilks says, “My goal is to preserve our legacy of publishing compelling, poignant, and deeply satisfying books for children and youth. ECW is the ideal partner to ensure that Annick, with its talented staff, can look forward to many more years of publishing excellence. I believe that this move will anchor our companies at the forefront of innovation and creativity within Canadian publishing. My plan is to remain at Annick, albeit in a somewhat reduced capacity, through the transition years.” 

Caron notes, “Annick’s books have made a lasting impact on me, my two kids, and many others. I’ve seen that resonance continue with recent titles like Michael McCreary’s Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic. I relish taking on the responsibility to build on that foundation, guide the evolution of Annick, and help its staff, authors, and illustrators to have the same effect on new readers. I am committed to keeping Annick Press fiercely independent and to being deeply involved in steering the continuity of Annick into the next generation.” 

Please find an attached FAQ for further information on the partnership and ownership transition. To request a comment or interview please contact Susannah Ames, Marketing and Publicity Director at ECW Press, or Amanda Olson, Marketing and Publicity Manager at Annick Press.

About Annick Press: Founded in 1975 by Rick Wilks and Anne Millyard, Annick is recognized as one of the most innovative publishers of fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults.
Annick’s reputation was built on a commitment to literature for youth that reflects the world of the contemporary child.

About ECW Press: Established in 1974 by Jack David and Robert Lecker, ECW Press is one of the most diversified independent publishers in North America. It has published over 1,000 books that are distributed throughout the English-speaking world and have been translated into dozens of languages. They release 50 titles a year in wide-ranging categories, including fiction, poetry, memoir, sports, business, and pop culture, as well as more titles licensed from other publishers under the Bespeak audiobook imprint.