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Follow Your Stuff

Who Makes It, Where Does It Come From, How Does It Get to You?

Interest Age: 11–14
Grade: 6+
Reading Level: Common Core Correlations
CCSS.ELA-Literacy Strand-Reading literature: L.6.3,4,4a,4b,4d,5,5b,5c,6

Reading Level: Lexile 920L
Hardcover : 9781773212548, 96 pages, April 2019 , 11.0" x 8.5"
Paperback : 9781773212531, 96 pages, April 2019 , 11.0" x 8.5"
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781773212562, 96 pages, April 2021
Rights sold: Korean

Table of contents

Follow Your Stuff | Table of Contents 

Getting Ready to Go Global! 4

Good Global Question(s) 6

T-shirt? More Like A-to-Z-shirt! 10

A (Cot)ton of Fun 12

Creating Cloth 14

Stitching It Together 16

The Globals Get Their Cut 18

On the Road 20

Closing the Deal 22

Pause for the People 24

In Conclusion and In Your Shirt 26

Puffers and Meds 28

Take a Deep Breath 30

Getting the Raw Materials 32

Making the Medicine 34

Testing and Testing and . . . 36

. . . and Testing and Testing and . . . 38

Big Busine$$ 40

Setting the Price You Pay 42

In Conclusion and In Your Lungs 44

This Very Book 46

Sign on the Dotted Line! 48

Get to Work! 50

Rewriting and Rewriting and Rewriting and . . . 52

Putting It on Paper 54

The Book 56

Growing Global 58

The Bookstore 60

In Conclusion: Between the Covers 62

High Tech 64

Chips Off the Old Block 66

ZAP! 68

Hard Work and Hardware 70

Hard Work and Software 72

Phone Sweet Phone 74

Making the Call 76

In Conclusion: Adding It Up on Your

Calculator App! 78

See the Big Picture? 80

The Picture Is Smudgy 82

Interesting Questions One and Two 84

In Conclusion? Maybe? 86

The Concluding Conclusion—Part One 88

The Concluding Conclusion—Part Two 90

References and Further Reading 92

Index 94

About the Authors 96


Get ready to go global!

Our cellphones, our clothes, our food: All are everyday things we consider essential, but we seldom think of what and who is involved in making them and getting them into our hands. In Follow Your Stuff, award-winning children’s author Kevin Sylvester and business professor Michael Hlinka team up again, this time to tackle the dynamics of the global economy, examining the often-complex journey of ordinary goods from production right to our doorsteps.

Using familiar examples, easy-to-follow charts and graphs, and a fun, accessible tone, Hlinka and Sylvester introduce young readers to concepts such as relative value and fair wages and how to think critically about our purchasing decisions. Sylvester’s lively illustrations add even more kid-appeal making this sequel to the critically acclaimed Follow Your Money the perfect introduction to socio-economics and an eye-opening essential read for young people.


  • Nominated, Yellow Cedar Award 2019
  • Joint winner, Best Books for Kids & Teens, *starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2019
  • Joint winner, 101 Great Books for Kids, Fuse 8 , School Library Journal 2019
  • Joint winner, Best Bets List, Top Ten, Ontario Library Association 2020


“Fun, clear, and accessible.” 

- Youth Services Book Review, 01/20/19

“A thought-provoking breakdown of the real cost of all our cheap stuff.” 

- Kirkus Reviews, *starred review, 01/15/19

“Educational, thought-provoking and highly appealing, Follow Your Stuff is not only a must-read for young teens, but it would also be a valuable resource in a class on modern issues or consumerism.”

- CM Reviews, 12/14/18

“Highly readable . . . unique . . . This slim but thoughtful book is an excellent tool to expose students to the practical and ethical sides of economics.” 

- School Library Connection, 05/19

“Provides an ideal starting place for a project and would appeal to students highly motivated to understand the origins of common items . . . Recommended for middle school collections.” 

- School Library Journal, 04/30/19

It is eye-opening, and often startling . . . The References and Further Reading section is exceptional . . . Meant for teen consumers, but very informative for their parents and teachers as well.” 

- Sal’s Fiction Addiction, 05/26/19

“A breezy, straightforward style and jaunty drawings throughout make it a clear and speedy read.”

- Toronto Star - Metroland Newspapers, 07/24/19

“This book isn’t just good and isn’t just remarkably written, it’s doggone necessary for the 21st century!!” 

- Elizabeth Bird, Fuse 8, School Library Journal, 12/28/19

“Eye-opening and thought-provoking.” 

- Redeemed Reader, 12/31/19