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The Stormy Seas in Lampedusa

By Annick Staff Date: January 02, 2018


Since 2012, more than 25,000 refugees from Africa and the Middle East have arrived in the Italian island of Lampedusa seeking asylum. Mariella Bertelli has visited the island now 5 times, helping IBBY, the International Board of Books for Young People, and IBBY Italia, create a library for local and immigrant children.

Mariella was in Lampedusa this winter, working with local high school students to translate Stormy Seas into Italian. She believes that Lampedusa, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is a very symbolic place in the world. Having the young people of Lampedusa translating Stormy Seas brings added value to the translation, because of their unique perspective and experience. The students and Mariella shared updates throughout the project in English and Italian. Click below to read more.

Day 1: “I hope that books can save the world

Day 2: “The first impact

Day 3: “A child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world

Day 4: “A trip in translation

Day 5: “Last day with Mariella

Read more about Stormy Seas: Stories of Young Boat Refugees written by Mary Beth Leatherdale and illustrated by Eleanor Shakespeare.