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Mary Beard on the Paper Bag Princess in The Guardian

By Annick Staff Date: January 04, 2018


Mary Beard, the great classicist, Cambridge professor, and BBC program host, gave a lovely mention of The Paper Bag Princess in The Guardian last month.

Fresh off her inspiring interview with 2016-Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, she cited the subversive empowerment of the Classic Munsch picture book’s famous last lines:

“But can I put in a plea for a children’s book? One of my children’s favourites was always Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess, which I have read out loud hundreds of times. There is nothing more subversively empowering than reciting from memory those great last lines, when the enterprising Princess Elizabeth rescues the ghastly and feeble Prince Ronald from the dragon – and then dumps him: “‘You look like a nice guy, but guess what? You are a bum.’ And they didn’t get married after all.” There’s power for you, in a nutshell.”

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(With thanks to author Gillian O'Reilly for the idea!)