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Yara's Spring

Yara's Spring

Interest Age: 10–14
Grade: 6–9
Reading Age: 10–14
Paperback : 9781773214399, 304 pages, October 2020 , 8.00" x 5.50"
Hardcover : 9781773214405, 304 pages, October 2020 , 8.00" x 5.50"


Coming of age against all odds in the midst of the Arab Spring.

Growing up in Aleppo, Yara’s childhood has long been shadowed by the coming revolution. But when the Arab Spring finally arrives at Yara’s doorstep, it is worse than even her Nana imagined: sudden, violent, and deadly. When rescuers dig Yara out from under the rubble that was once her family’s home, she emerges to a changed world. Her parents and Nana are gone, and her brother, Saad, can’t speak—struck silent by everything he’s seen. Now, with her friend Shireen and Shireen’s charismatic brother, Ali, Yara must try to find a way to safety. With danger around every corner, Yara is pushed to her limits as she discovers how far she’ll go for her loved ones—and for a chance for freedom.  

Crafted through the focused lens of Jamal Saeed’s own experiences in Syria and brought to life with acclaimed author Sharon E. McKay, Yara’s Spring is a story of coming of age against all odds and the many kinds of love that bloom even in the face of war.

*A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection


 “Inspired by Saeed’s own experiences . . .   Readers are taken inside Syria—and through the emotions of love, loss, and steadfastness. ”

- Kirkus Reviews, *starred review, 07/28/20

“Remarkable. ” 

- CM Reviews, 06/05/20