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The Night Wanderer (Graphic Novel)

The Night Wanderer (Graphic Novel)

Interest Age: 12+
Grade: 7+
Reading Level: Common Core Correlations
CCSS.ELA-Literacy Strand-Reading literature: RL.7-8.1,2,3,4,5,6,10

Reading Level: Lexile GN550L
Paperback : 9781554515721, 104 pages, August 2013 , 9.0" x 6.0"
Hardcover : 9781554515738, 104 pages, September 2013 , 9.0" x 6.0"
Hardcover : 9781554511006, 228 pages, September 2007 , 7.25" x 5.0"
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554513208, 228 pages, August 2007 Audiobook : 9781773218243, 228 pages, June 2023


A mesmerizing blend of vampire thriller and coming-of-age story—now available as a graphic novel.

Newcomers to the Otter Lake native reserve don’t go unnoticed for long. So it’s no surprise that 16-year-old Tiffany’s curiosity is piqued when her father rents out her room to a complete stranger.

But little do Tiffany, her father, or even her insightful Granny Ruth suspect the truth about their guest. The mysterious Pierre L’Errant has a dreadful secret. After centuries roaming Europe as a brooding vampire, he has returned home to reclaim his Native roots before facing the rising sun and certain death. Meanwhile, Tiffany is deeply troubled—she doubts her boyfriend is being faithful, has escalating disputes with her father, and her estranged mother is starting a new life with somebody else.

Fed up and heartsick, Tiffany threatens drastic measures and flees into the bush. There, in the midnight woods, a chilling encounter with L’Errant changes everything as Pierre introduces Tiffany to her proud Native heritage. For Pierre, though, destiny is fixed at sunrise.

In this stunning graphic version of the award-winning novel first developed as a play in 1992, artist Mike Wyatt brings a brilliant story to visual life.


“Produces the eerie atmosphere of the supernatural enmeshed in the harsh reality of many First Nations’ people.”

- CanLit for Little Canadians, 09/04/13

“This book provides both creepy entertainment, beauty, and an authentic representation of a non-White culture that is alive and well in 2013.”

- Booktoss, 10/21/13

“A unique and fascinating story which Michael Wyatt and Alison Kooistra have adapted into an excellent graphic novel that will appeal to a wide group of readers.”

- CM Reviews, 10/13

“Satisfyingly layered, subtle and rich.” 

- Canadian Children’s Book News, 10/13

“This title would be a great addition to any junior high or high school . . . Highly recommended.”

- Library Media Connection, 10/04/13

“Most teens will relate to rocky family relationships and will enjoy the elements of fantasy and spirituality as a welcomed higher power that can help shift things into balance.”

- VOYA, 12/13

“Powerful and thought-provoking . . . would make a great addition to middle school and high school curriculums.”

- Urban Native Magazine, 01/18/14

“An excellent adaptation of Drew Hayden Taylor’s novel.” 

- Resource Links, 12/13

“A great story, with interesting artwork and a unique story to tell.”

- The Fangirl, 07/08/14

“[The] illustrations are rich in tone, and the spare use of the colour red lends an eerie hue.”

- Professionally Speaking, 09/14