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The Bare Naked Book

The Bare Naked Book

Categories: Children's Nonfiction
Themes: body, friendship
Interest Age: 2–6
Grade: p–1
Reading Age: 2–6
Paperback (Picture book) : 9781554510498, 32 pages, March 2006 , 8.02" x 7.97"
Hardcover (Picture book) : 9781554510504, 32 pages, March 2006 , 8.27" x 8.22"


Twenty years old and still going strong, The Bare Naked Book remains a favorite family introduction to the human body. There is nothing more ordinary and more special than the human body. After all, everybody has one, and for all the parts that are the same each comes in a different shape and size. The Bare Naked Book joyfully celebrates this wonderful ordinariness with a matter-of-fact introduction for toddlers to the parts of the body. From hair (dripping, straight, curly, and tangled) to toes (stamping, ticklish, skinny, and squishy) and the private bits in between, Kathy Stinson’s playfully simple prose identifies the parts of the body at rest and in motion. Meanwhile, the friendly realism of Heather Collins’s illustrations offers a variety of body types in familiar environments, from the bathroom to the beach.


“Shows very clearly how each of us is essentially the same, even though we are each an individual. The positive feelings engendered about family will make this a firm favorite with another generation. ”

- Resource Links, 12/06

“A good one for older toddlers and preschoolers. ”

- School Library Journal