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Superbrain - The Insider's Guide to Getting Smart


The Insider's Guide to Getting Smart

Interest Age: 9–11
Grade: 4–6
Reading Level: Common Core Correlations
CCSS.ELA-Literacy Strand-Reading literature: RI.5.1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10

Paperback : 9781554517343, 72 pages, January 2015 , 8.5" x 6.0"
Hardcover : 9781554517350, 72 pages, January 2015 , 8.5" x 6.0"
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554517367, 72 pages, March 2015


How to study like a superhero.

The earlier you start building the essential skills required to learn, the more benefits you’ll see down the road. In the same way that the highly acclaimed Research Virtuoso helped high school and college students maximize their studying potential, this second collaboration between Annick Press and The Toronto Public Library challenges younger students to develop the skills they need to become “lifelong super-learners.”

Superbrain is written in a kid-friendly style that encourages readers to develop learning habits that will help them inside and outside of the classroom. Each of the four chapters focuses on specific skills—preparation, organization and leadership values, research and critical thinking, and navigating the online world. Also included in each chapter are a profile of an inspirational, real-life super-learner, a quiz for readers to evaluate various skills, and a full-page comic-strip style illustration that highlights the chapter themes.

Researched and written by two professional librarians at The Toronto Public Library, Superbrain comes with a superhero theme woven throughout, and features wacky and exuberant art by seasoned illustrator Dave Whamond. With its bright and energetic design, Superbrain is a go-to reference for teachers, librarians, and students everywhere.


“A standout.”

- School Library Journal, 06/15

“A valuable tool.”

- Resource Links, 06/15

“More straightforward, up-to-date, and detailed than most similar guides for the audience, this is a valuable book for students and a worthwhile purchase for both school and public libraries.”

- Booklist, 07/08/15