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Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: p–2
Paperback : 9781550377507, 32 pages, September 2002 , 8.0" x 8.0"


Roxanne always gets scraped and bruised when she plays ... until she wishes out loud that she were made of stone! From the Magic Wood comes “Ka-PLICKety, zickety zock,” and the Spirit of the Forest turns her into rock.

At first she relishes her newfound freedom to jump and skip. But as her bicycle tires go flat beneath her heavy frame and pebble tears fall from her stony eyes, Rocksy regrets her careless wish. The Spirit reverses the trick and comes up with a brilliant new plan, turning herself into the Playground Coach! Fancy footwork, nifty flips, leaping and hopping and instant stopping. The Playground Coach shows all the kids how to play without ever hurting at all.


“Once again Lesynski’s rhyming magic will tickle funny bones . . . [her] verse is tailor made for reading aloud and her bright illustrations help bring the story to life.”

- Canadian Bookseller

“A wonderfully illustrated rhyming story full of fun and wisdom . . . Lesynski’s illustrations, mostly in colored pencil, are lively, full of fun, and provide extra depth to her whimsical story. It's a story simply told in vibrant rhymes and one that will charm both kids and adults.” 

- Hamilton Spectator

“Entertaining verse and detailed cartoon-like drawings are what we have come to expect of Loris Lesynski. She does not disappoint in her new book. Well done!”

- Brandon Sun

“The tone is lively . . . and tempting to read-aloud readers . . . Loris Lesynski's attention to word and sound is evident—you wouldn’t expect less from a specialist in rhythm and rhyme.”

- CM Reviews

“Lesynski’s rhymes find their stride.”

- The Horn Book