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Crash Landing

Crash Landing

Interest Age: 14–18
Grade: 9–12
Reading Age: 14–18
Paperback : 9781773218427, 288 pages, April 2024 , 9.0" x 6.0"
Hardcover : 9781773218410, 288 pages, April 2024 , 9.0" x 6.0"


This YA debut is a searing ode to queer identity, growing up in an immigrant community, and carving a place for yourself in the world with the help of your friends.

Jay Wong is spending the last languid days of summer 2010 trying to land a kickflip and begging for something (anything!) to make her senior year different—to finally give her some stories worth telling. When she meets Ash Chan, it seems like she’s getting what she asked for. Ash is confident, intensely independent, and hell on a skateboard—nothing like anyone Jay knows and exactly how she wishes she could be.

Offering to film Ash’s submission to an upcoming skate contest introduces Jay to a side of Vancouver she’s never seen and gives her the chance to push back against the expectations placed on her. But Ash has a secret, and Jay is increasingly desperate to figure it out. As things between them ride the fine line between friendship and something more, Jay has to decide just how much Ash will impact all the choices she still has to make about where she’s going and who she wants to become.



“Li delivers an impressive debut. A vivid, exhilarating ride.”

- Kirkus Reviews, *starred review, 02/03/2024