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Chicken, Pig, Cow Horse Around

Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: p–2
Reading Age: 4–7
Hardcover : 9781554512454, 32 pages, September 2010 , 9.26" x 9.20"
Paperback (Picture book) : 9781554512447, 32 pages, September 2010 , 9.01" x 9.02"


Chicken, Pig, and Cow are very happy together in their Popsicle stick barn, so when Horse arrives, not everyone is pleased—especially Chicken, who points out that Horse takes up a lot of space. When Chicken suggests they play a game of hide-and-seek, Horse merrily trots off. But when he disappears, a frantic search ensues—until Chicken finally spots him inside the fishbowl. Feeling guilty, Chicken jumps in to save him, only to realize that Horse is actually outside the bowl. So who will save Chicken? All ends well when Pig, Cow, and Horse—with the help of Dog—team up together to rescue their friend.

The adorable toy characters Chicken, Pig, Cow (and real-life Dog) continue to delight young children with their charming adventures and subtle messages about friendship, acceptance, and working together.

What makes a good book for preschoolers? Ruth Ohi shares her advice in this link: click here.


“Ohi captures the complexity of emotions inherent in relationships . . . She does this with such sensitivity that her stories never feel moralistic or pedantic. Highly recommended.”

- Resource Links, 12/10

“A perfect read for preschoolers who can learn from Chicken and Horse how to be better friends. Highly Recommended.”

- CM Reviews, 11/10