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Chicken, Pig, Cow and the Class Pet

Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: k–2
Reading Age: 4–7
Hardcover : 9781554513475, 32 pages, September 2009 , 9.30" x 9.25"
Paperback (Picture book) : 9781554513468, 32 pages, September 2009 , 9.01" x 9.00"


Chicken, Pig and Cow have had many happy adventures with Dog at Girl’s house. But when Girl carts them off to school one day, leaving Dog behind, they aren’t sure what to think. Where is school, exactly? And what’s with all the noise there? Who are all these people who look like Girl but aren’t Girl? And why is their new hamster neighbor, Furface, trying to eat their barn?

The adorable toy characters Chicken, Pig and Cow once again rely on friendship and teamwork as they embark on their latest adventure in all new surroundings. As always, young readers will be charmed by Ruth Ohi’s witty, warm illustrations in this story about the excitement of discovering new places, learning new lessons and making new friends.


  • Commended, New York City Reads 365 List 2010
  • Commended, Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2010


“This is a great book.”

-, 10/03/11

“Spare text and engaging watercolor cartoon illustrations lend a tone of sweet simplicity to this friendship story.”

- School Library Journal, 01/12

“Once again, Ohi has created a touching read-aloud, the text simple, the language spare, and the story full of warmth, and character and humour.”

- Resource Links, 12/11

“Preschoolers will love these popular characters, who devise clever solutions to their immediate problems.”

- The Children’s Hour, 02/27/12

“A lighthearted glimpse reveals how stuffed animals will play when their child (and their teacher) is away.”

- Kirkus Reviews, 10/11

“Ohi’s clever word choice creates a lot of humour with very few word . . . makes an excellent read-aloud for younger childre . . . Highly recommended.”

- CM Reviews, 11/11