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#askannick everything you want to know about kids' books

#askannick everything you want to know about kids' books

By Serah-Marie McMahon Date: August 06, 2020

Whether you create books or want to help get books out into the world, a lack of information can be a barrier to participating in Canadian publishing. How does the industry work? How do you get involved? What does it mean to thrive in the book world?

With #askannick, our goal is to be transparent about the publishing world so that access is available to more people—no matter their experience, education, or background—and to make information less privileged.



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Gayna Theophilus / Rights Edition / Tuesday July 21 / 3pm

Morgen Young from Ampersand / Sales Edition / Tuesday August 11 / 3pm 

Asiya Aswale / Breaking In Edition / Tuesday September 1 / 3pm

Brendan Ouellette / Ebooks Edition / Tuesday September 29 / 3pm

Shayanna Seymour / Marketing Edition / Tuesday October 13 / 3pm 

Asiya Aswale  / back by popular demand! / Tuesday October 27 / 3pm

Claire Caldwell / Editorial Edition / Tuesday December 1 / 3pm