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The Paper Bag Princess 40th Anniversary Edition

The Paper Bag Princess 40th Anniversary Edition

By Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
Preface by Chelsea Clinton
Foreword by Francesca Segal
Afterword by Ann Munsch
Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: p–2
Reading Age: 4–7
Hardcover : 9781773213439, 36 pages, February 2020 , 10.0" x 10.0"
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781773213842, 36 pages, March 2020
Rights sold: Catalan


An empowerment-focused keepsake edition of one of the world’s best-loved picture books.

40 years. 7 million copies. 1 kick-ass princess who has inspired generations of readers to stand up for themselves.

How do you celebrate an occasion as special as 40 years in print for a book as beloved as The Paper Bag Princess? You track down some of the most poignant commentary about the story; you share behind-the-scenes insights from the author and his partner; and you present it all in a beautiful package that showcases the story like never before.

To mark The Paper Bag Princess’s 40th anniversary, Annick has done just this, creating a gift-worthy deluxe hardcover featuring extra thick paper, a beautiful dust jacket, and a hidden second cover that reimagines the original cover imagery, plus commentary from renowned authors Francesca Segal (The Innocents) and Chelsea Clinton (She Persisted). Publishing in time for International Women’s Day in March, this gorgeous edition celebrates an enduring story that has had a profound effect on countless readers around the world.


“One of my children’s favourites was always Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess . . . There is nothing more subversively empowering than reciting from memory those great last lines, when the enterprising Princess Elizabeth rescues the ghastly and feeble Prince Ronald from the dragon – and then dumps him: ‘“You look like a nice guy, but guess what? You are a bum.” And they didn’t get married after all.’ There’s power for you, in a nutshell.”

- Mary Beard, The Guardian

“[Elizabeth’s] confidence has inspired girls everywhere and will continue to do so with this beautiful special edition of the classic book.” 

- E.J.’s Library, 01/11/2020

“Readers of all ages can still appreciate the charming art style, and the heartfelt message of this book. It will appeal to new readers, and those of us basking in nostalgia alike.” 

- Sharon the Librarian, 01/27/20

“All the wonderful extras are just icing on the cake because the real pleasure here is the chance to enjoy Munsch’s fantastic feminist fairy tale, as powerful today as it was when it was published in 1980, in this big beautiful new hardcover edition with new art by Martchenko (and a poster on the inside of the book jacket).” 

- The Globe and Mail, 02/15/20

“This is one of those stories that will live on forever, and that will always be relevant to all readers, regardless of age and gender. It has the power to evoke a sense of who we want to be and what we are capable of.” 

- The Book Muse, 12/01/20

“Elizabeth, the fearless heroine, continues to inspire children all over the world to recognise their self-worth, stand up for themselves and not let anyone or anything drag them down.” 

- Buzz Words, 01/17/21