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The Mole Sisters and the Busy Bees

The Mole Sisters and the Busy Bees

Categories: Children's Fiction
Series: The Mole Sisters
Hardcover : 9781550376630, 32 pages, September 2000 , 6.29" x 6.26"
Paperback : 9781550376623, 32 pages, September 2000 , 6.00" x 6.00"


The Mole Sisters set out to do nothing at all. But when a busy bee buzzes by, they follow him and end up in a lovely meadow of flowers. The Mole Sisters begin smelling and their noses become covered in pollen. Soon they look just like flowers! With a couple of big sneezes, they are back to being Mole Sisters.



“No summary can even hint at the charm of this carefree duo and their gentle adventures. ”—City Parent

“Independence, optimism, intelligence, and love of adventure are good qualities for children and these siblings are fine examples. ”—School Library Journal

“Let’s just say these books delight from start to finish. ”—The Globe and Mail

“If you have not yet met the moles sisters, do look for these charming gentle little books. ”—The Shuswap Harrier

“Adults should keep these around instead of worry balls. They are extremely good for the soul. ”—Ottawa Citizen