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Teddy vs. the Slimy Evil

Teddy vs. the Slimy Evil

Interest Age: 8–12
Grade: 3–7
Paperback : 9781773219141, September 2024 Hardcover : 9781773219134, 304 pages, September 2024 , 8.0" x 5.5"
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781773219158, 304 pages, September 2024


The secrets of Ravensbarrow have been buried far too long. Now they're coming to light . . .

Teddy and his friends uncover a monstrous—and cheesy—terror in the second installment of this laugh-out-loud series for fans of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish and The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter.

Book 2: Teddy vs. the Slimy Evil

After facing a horde of brain-eating hamsters, Teddy is DONE with Ravensbarrow. He’s desperate to move back to his hometown, but he’ll need proof to convince his parents to leave. So when Teddy’s new friends invite him to explore Ravensbarrow’s mysterious trails, he sees his chance to capture some paranormal phenomena on camera. How dangerous can that be? Sure, people have disappeared in the misty forest. And the town legends about glowing mushrooms and murderous owls are . . . unsettling. Okay, FINE, Teddy is terrified. But all he needs is one little picture . . .

About the Series: Alongside a crew of misfits, Teddy untangles the supernatural mysteries of the rainy town of Ravensbarrow in this highly illustrated, action-packed horror comedy series.