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Edward the "Crazy Man"

Edward the "Crazy Man"

Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: k–2
Reading Age: 4–7
Hardcover : 9781550377217, 32 pages, February 2002 , 10.80" x 8.57"
Paperback (Picture book) : 9781550377200, 32 pages, February 2002 , 10.50" x 8.23"
Rights sold: English


Edward the “Crazy Man” is a touching, funny, and humane tale of one boy’s efforts to help one man and change perceptions about homelessness and schizophrenia.

Everyone called him “the Crazy Man. ” But Charlie loved the sparkling blue eyes and fantastic outfits of this strange man on the street. One day Charlie overheard another kid making fun of the Crazy Man and a fight broke out. Charlie was punched and fell into the path of an oncoming car, but just in time he was snatched out of the way by the Crazy Man. Years later, Charlie gets the chance to repay the Crazy Man. He hires Edward—the man’s real name—as a designer at his costume factory, and Edward’s creativity saves the day.

A brief afterword by the author engages children in the real-life stories of others like Edward.


“Exceptional. ”—St. Catharine’s Standard

“This is an excellent book for starting a discussion with children about homelessness . .. a recommended purchase for public libraries and classroom collections. ”—Canadian Materials

“Parents and educators alike will be impressed by a new children’s book that destigmatizes mental illness. ”—Canadian Mental Heath Association

“Marie Day writes with great passion and concern with those who have schizophrenia. ”—Resource Links