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Big or Little?

Big or Little?

Interest Age: 2–4
Grade: p–p
Hardcover : 9781554511693, 32 pages, February 2009 , 9.50" x 8.20"


When you’re really young, it can be tough to figure out if you’re a little kid or big kid. So it is for one boy named Toby, who sometimes feels big, like when he pours his own milk, but sometimes feels little, like when he spills it.

Mom and Dad make Toby feel more grown up when they let him help wash the car. But when his older brother says to go away, he feels little again. Sharing toys with his younger sister makes Toby feel big. What about wearing bunny-feet pajamas? That makes you little, right? Not when you’re too big for them. All in all, Toby decides that he wants to be a big kid, but sometimes he likes being little too.


“The author and illustrator capture that uncomfortable in-between feeling. . . Plenty of children will relate. ”

- School Library Journal

“This is a great book for the “not quite there yet” crowd. ”

- Quebec Library Association Bulletin, 04/15

"A concept that this newly reissued classic explores with perfect aplomb, admirably assisted by Toni Goffe, whose gentle, charming watercolours provide all the necessary visuals. "

- The Globe and Mail