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50 Poisonous Questions - A Book With Bite

50 Poisonous Questions

A Book With Bite

By Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird
Interest Age: 9+
Grade: 4+
Reading Level: Lexile 980L
Hardcover : 9781554512812, 112 pages, February 2011 , 9.75" x 7.23"
Paperback : 9781554512805, 112 pages, February 2011 , 9.50" x 7.01"


It’s a toxic world out there.

Poisonous snakes, toxic herbicides, noxious fumes—poisons in one form or another are all around us. An innocent-looking flower may be lethal, and smog can make it impossible to breathe. Poisons can be the death of us, but they can also cure disease.

The second book in Annick’s 50 Questions series provides answers to many intriguing questions, such as:
• Should you pee on a jellyfish sting? No, douse it with vinegar!
• Why was the Mad Hatter mad? From working with mercury nitrate.
• Can venomous lizards cure diabetes? Yes, a drug used to treat the disease comes from the Gila monster’s venom.

Poison Puzzles at the end of each chapter then test the readers’ knowledge. Young readers who want to avoid paint that kills or leaves that give blisters can explore the fascinating and dangerous world of poisons. And don’t be afraid! The killer cartoons and dead-funny text are venom-free.


“Just the thing to entice readers seeking intriguing facts.”

- School Library Journal, 09/11

“Entertaining and informative and could be used as supplementary classroom material on a variety of biology, environmental or history related topics.”

- The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature, 07/11

“A very excellent book for teens that should increase their knowledge by maintaining their interest.” 

- Resource Links, 06/11

“Out of a score of 10, I would give this book a 10. It was awesome!”

- YES Mag, 06/11

“This book has everything for high reader appeal—gross out factor, easy to browse, funny illustrations, and good information.”

- Biblio File, 04/12

“Easy to understand writing and humorous illustrations . . . make 50 Poisonous Questions fun as well as educational. Highly recommended.”

- CM Reviews, 05/11

“Will appeal to young adults reading for pleasure or conducting research.”

- Library Media Connection, 11/11