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48 Grasshopper Estates

48 Grasshopper Estates

Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: p–2
Reading Level:
Common Core Correlations
CCSS.ELA-Literacy Strand-Reading literature:

Reading Level: Lexile AD580L
Hardcover : 9781773214849, 40 pages, April 2021 , 11.25" x 8.50"


A little girl uses imagination and inventiveness to spread friendship through her community. But will she find a friend of her own?

Whether it’s a supersonic sandwich maker or a twelve-tailed dragon, Sicily Bridges can make almost anything from materials she finds around her apartment complex. But when it comes to making friends, Sicily has yet to find the perfect fit. With a diverse cast of characters brought to life by illustrator Erika Medina, Sara de Waal’s whimsical debut emphasizes the power of imagination and finding companionship where you least expect it.


  • Nominated, 48 Grasshopper Estates Blue Spruce Award 2021


“This is a touching story about imagination and compassion that belongs in most collections, for read-alouds or for emerging readers. ” 

- School Library Journal, 04/30/21

“De Waal’s story is well supported by Erica Medina’s illustrations, which bring the culturally diverse and intergenerational Grasshopper Estates neighborhood to life. This is sure to be a read and re-read. ” 

- The Banner, 07/27/21

“Author Sara de Waal ticks all the right boxes with her story of imaginative play and friendship . . . This self-confidence of childhood exploits is affirmed by Erika Medina’s illustrations of diverse and engaged characters. ”

- CanLit for Little Canadians, 05/28/21

“A great picture book text with several applications—making friends, creating things to give away, and being a ‘maker. ’”

- Library Lady’a Kid Lit, 05/01/21

“De Waal’s rhythmic prose and cyclical storytelling are delightful, and Medina’s energetic characters and warm palette are charming . . . A cute meet-cute. ” 

- Kirkus Reviews, 12/25/20

“Full of imagination. ” 

- Book Time, 04/11/21