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The Night Children

The Night Children

Categories: Children's Fiction
Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: p–2
Hardcover : 9781554517237, 32 pages, February 2011 , 9.77" x 9.53"


What happens when the sun goes down at the end of the day?

When the streets are empty and kids are called home for dinner and put to bed, the world becomes a magical place. It’s only then that the night children emerge from the shadows, ready to play. In this evocative and lyrical picture book, it is the night children who rule, taking over the world that the day children have left behind.

The mischievous night children frolic in the twilight, rummaging for treasures and scattering surprises, stealing slices of the moon and dancing on rooftops. Only when dawn breaks do they tuck themselves away. But if you look very closely, you might just catch a glimpse of them disappearing as you wake up. Were the night children ever really there, or did you dream them?

Complemented by beautiful, glowing artwork, this poetic story about the allure of a world unknown and the parallels between imagination and reality will ignite the creative souls of children everywhere.


“… imaginative, mysterious and haunting. ”—Storywraps, 08/06/15

“A poetic and lovely book, this is a luminous bedtime story. ”—Walking Brain Cells, 07/30/15