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The Little Black Book for Guys - Guys Talk About Sex

The Little Black Book for Guys

Guys Talk About Sex

Interest Age: 15–18
Grade: 10–12
Reading Age: 15–18
Paperback : 9781550379624, 256 pages, September 2008 , 8.24" x 5.80"
Rights sold: French, German, English


Lots of guys talk the big talk, but what’s really going on with sex?

That’s what a group of young men sat down to figure out for The Little Black Book for Guys. To get behind the hype, they talked to other teens and collected stories, poems, essays, and art about personal experiences. They also interviewed health professionals to get the facts they need to make healthy choices. The result is a revealing collection of personal thoughts and need-to-know information.

Topics include: • Puberty • Wet dreams • Masturbation • Penis size • Dating • Safer sex and birth control • Sexually Transmitted Infections / AIDS.

Written, illustrated, and designed by youth, and carefully vetted by doctors, The Little Black Book for Guys is more than a book about sex. It’s a snapshot of being a guy at the beginning of the 21st century.


“The advice is practical, supportive and non-judgmental. Like the Little Black Book for Girlz, [it] will be “borrowed” or somehow, mysteriously disappear, never to return . . . Highly recommended.”

- CM Reviews, 01/09

“Like a trusted friend or mentor sitting down and explaining everything a guy needs to know in order to make informed decisions about a healthy sex life.”

- Canadian Teacher Magazine, 03/09

“Solid info with a saucy attitude struts through the pages of two fantastic books about human sexuality for teens.”

- Canadian Children’s Book News, 02/09

“A light-hearted and down-to-earth guide to a topic of vital importance to most male teens, written in language that they can relate to . . . Purchasing this book would indeed be a smart decision.”

- Foreword Reviews, 01/09

“Focus is clearly on the importance of being informed, the value of communicating with and respecting your partner, and staying healthy.”

- VOYA, 02/09