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Kids Do, Animals Too

Kids Do, Animals Too

Illustrated by Nora Hilb
By Debora Pearson
Categories: Children's Nonfiction
Themes: opposites
Interest Age: 4–7
Grade: p–2
Paperback : 9781550379228, 24 pages, September 2005 , 8.00" x 8.00"


Opposites are everywhere in our world. Spend a day at the park and you’re sure to spot busy kids and active animals acting out opposites pairs wherever you look.

There, on the slide: Sam goes up as Hiroko zips down. And there, in the tree: one squirrel climbs up and another scurries down. Not far away, Daddy is quiet but Simon is LOUD while a mother bird is silent as she feeds her chirping babies.

Jump in to Kids Do, Animals Too and check out ten pairs of opposites. Each pair features people and a different animal, including:

• fast, slow – dogs
• in, out – mice
• up, down – squirrels
• on, off – frogs
• ahead, behind – ants
• quiet, loud – birds
• under, over – spiders
• wet, dry – ducks
• toward, away – butterflies
• asleep, awake – squirrels, bats

Nora Hilb’s softly colored artwork features familiar park settings and includes look-and-find details that cleverly connect each active scene. Meanwhile, Debora Pearson’s aptly crafted language keeps the action moving and the learning fun. A playful way for kids to learn actions, animals, and opposites.


“The concepts of slow and fast, in and out, up and down, on and off, among others, are explored in word and gentle watercolors in this book. ” —Globe and Mail, 11/05

“. .. an excellent introduction to the idea of opposites for very young children. Parents, grandparents, librarians and early childhood educators will find this a positive addition to their bookshelves. ”—Resource Links, 02/06