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Imagine You're a Princess

Imagine You're a Princess

By Meg Clibbon
Illustrated by Lucy Clibbon
Categories: Children's Fiction
Themes: anthologies
Paperback : 9781550379204, 32 pages, September 2005 , 9.85" x 9.05"


Princesses live in fairytale castles and spend their days doing important things. There are ships to launch, knights to reward, and marriage proposals from persistent princes to decline. If this sounds like the job for you, slip into Imagine You’re a Princess! and explore the full panoply of princess practices.

Potential princesses can claim the coolest bedroom in the palace (no peas under the mattress, please), learn to care for princess pets (unicorns are a perennial favorite), and practice essential life skills (helping others, being fascinating and intelligent). You’ll also create some princess paintings (bright colors only, of course), meet some famous faces (Rapunzel really lets her hair down, but Sleeping Beauty’s always napping), and even sneak a peak at a royal diary.

Complete with step-by-step tips to becoming a princess, regal recipes for royal occasions, and other activities worthy of your highness, Imagine You’re a Princess! is jewel of a book that further sparkles with Lucy Clibbon’s stately illustrations. Think you can handle palace life? Well, if the glass shoe fits …


“... would be a great addition to public and school libraries. Highly recommended.” —CM Reviews, 03/06

“This series is beautifully presented with wonderful childlike drawings and fun information ... The tone of the text is playful and slightly tongue-in-cheek, which lends itself to the idea of allowing children to take ideas from the books and incorporate them into their playtime. These delightful books will spark the imagination ...” —Resource Links, 02/06