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Imagine You're a Fairy

Imagine You're a Fairy

By Meg Clibbon
Illustrated by Lucy Clibbon
Categories: Children's Fiction
Themes: fantasy & magic
Hardcover : 9781550377439, 32 pages, September 2002 , 10.11" x 9.27"


An enchanting guide for anyone who’s ever dreamt of being a fairy!

Did you know that fairies can be short, small, fat, tall, or thin? And that they are very clever and magical? This offbeat and highly amusing guide describes the essentials for becoming a fairy: a magic wand, flying shoes, an invisibility cloak, glitter, and a regal expression.

This book offers masses of practical information. Within these pages, readers will discover everything they need to know about fairy outfits and clothes, equipment and accessories. There’s even detailed information on magic and spells. Young fairies might choose the spell for good luck or the one for making general mischief. And be sure to check out the pages on wands and flying practice, both critical to a successful career as a fairy. You will also find out about fairy godmothers and the code of conduct that fairies must obey.


“Funky folkloric illustrations . .. add to the humor. ” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Decorative illustrations in a naïve style illustrates [this] fanciful employment manual … the text’s good-humored, confidential delivery gives the information spark. ”—The Horn Book Guide

“. .. a fun introduction into mythical beings . .. Recommended. ” —CM Reviews

“. .. full of imagination, detail, fun and information . .. sure to please. ..” —Independently Reviewed