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Horrendo's Curse - The Graphic Novel

Horrendo's Curse

The Graphic Novel

By Anna Fienberg
Illustrated by Remy Simard
Categories: Children's Fiction
Paperback : 9781554515486, 104 pages, September 2013 , 8.99" x 6.01"
Hardcover : 9781554515493, 104 pages, September 2013 , 9.27" x 6.21"


A riotous adventure of pirates (and good manners) on the high seas, now in a graphic novel.

There never lived a boy more polite than Horrendo. Cursed at birth, he can speak only kind words while everyone else in his village spews revolting insults. But as his twelfth birthday arrives, Horrendo’s very good manners are about to get him into a heap of trouble.
Each year, pirates come to the village and abduct all the twelve-year-old boys as their slaves. Despite training in Herculean Headlocks, Rude Remarks, and Oar Throwing, Horrendo and his friends are worked to the bone aboard the ship. Horrendo endures with typical good grace, winning over the pirates’ stomachs with his delectable cooking—but enraging the heartless Captain.

When Horrendo hatches a cunning escape plan, a hazardous journey to a deserted island ensues. In the end, teamwork prevails, and the boys return home, forever changed, with their new pirate friends.

Adapted from Anna Fienberg’s acclaimed story, this deliciously entertaining graphic novel sparkles with wicked wordplay, fierce fights, and colorful characters. Rémy Simard’s action-packed illustrations, bursting with energy and humor, make Horrendo’s Curse a delight for readers .


“… the pictures make the action easy to follow, and the theme is as sweet as Horrendo’s delectable French toast. ” —Kirkus Reviews, 08/28/13

“Kooistra’s clever adaptation of the story and Simard’s bold-coloured, sharp-edged illustrations set the tone for this nail-biting adventure. ”—ABQLA Bulletin, 08/14

“I liked this book because Horrendo is so heroic for a twelve year old. ”—Canadian Teacher Magazine (Kids’ Picks), 04/14

“… a light-hearted and quirky story that brings together fearsome pirates and mischievous children on an incredible adventure. ” —Resource Links, 12/13

“… rollicking, rude, and rambunctious, offering fast-paced dialogue and an entertaining straightforward plot with a little romance thrown in. ”—CM Reviews, 11/08/13

“A lighthearted lesson in the benefits of killing ’em with kindness. ”—Publishers Weekly, 09/09/13