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Game Day - Meet the People Who Make It Happen

Game Day

Meet the People Who Make It Happen

Categories: Children's Nonfiction
Interest Age: 9–12
Grade: 7–7
Hardcover : 9781554512515, 192 pages, September 2010 , 8.41" x 6.02"
Paperback : 9781554512508, 192 pages, September 2010 , 8.51" x 5.77"


Not everyone can be an athlete, but that doesn’t stop thousands of others from participating in world-class sporting events.

When Patrick Reynolds realized that he couldn’t be a race car driver, he turned his love of cars into a successful career as a NASCAR mechanic.

A passion for grass and baseball lead Nicole Sherry to become the groundskeeper at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.

Author Kevin Sylvester tells the stories of 20 talented and dedicated behind-the-scenes stars of the sports world. In this new book, the glamour of the frontline athletes takes a backseat to the hard-working people whose jobs are critical to the success of their sport but often go unacknowledged.

Readers will discover some very special people who have devoted their lives to supporting the sports they love, including the eagle-eyed baseball scout for the Chicago White Sox, the members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the doctor who treats injured players on the Canadian Olympic soccer team.

With its real-life stories and lively photographs, Game Day will delight any young sports fan or wannabe athlete.


“… an excellent introduction to just some of those who facilitate the staging of … sports events … Highly Recommended. ”—CM Magazine, 11/10

“This book is a well-packaged, well-written compilation highlighting some of the dedicated people with a real love and passion for the game, much like award-winning author Kevin Sylvester. ”—wordofmousebooks. com, 01/10/11

“Sports enthusiasts will love working through the pages of this fact-filled book. ”—Resource Links, 02/11

“… the choices of occupation are diverse and quirky enough to intrigue career-minded teens or preteens. ” —Booklist, 02/11

“… jam-packed with great information, photos and other interesting visuals, Game Day will give young sports fans something to think about. ”—January Magazine, 11/10

“… an interesting and fun read. Intended for kids, it’s actually enjoyable for everyone. ”—ForeWord Reviews, 01/11

“Even the most avid sports enthusiasts will find something new in this nifty collection devoted to the unsung heroes behind the game. ”—VOYA, 12/10

“Sylvester creates a well-crafted dialogue … and is skilled at choosing interesting and informative quotes. ” —Canadian Children’s Book News, Summer/11