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From Daybreak to Good Night

From Daybreak to Good Night


A book of poetry to be shared and  enjoyed—by young and old alike—by one  of the grand masters of American poetry.

From Daybreak to Good Night is a collection of enduring poems by celebrated American poet Carl Sandburg that are perfect for a young audience. The poems and illustrations work together, following a group of children through the day as they enjoy and participate in Sandburg’s poetry.


“. .. a wonderful selection of poetry and exuberant art work make reading From Daybreak To Good Night as delightful as walking barefoot on new grass in spring . .. From the first page, the pictures and words also engage the reader’s sense of beauty . .. The poems make the reader feel that language, like life, is meant to be enjoyed, by all ages. ”—St. Catharines Standard

“Smith-Ary’s art, crayon on acetate and then more crayon, has child appeal galore and it captures the relaxed and comfortable side of the poet who sometimes sang with the children who visited. It's just a sip of Sandburg, but a rich one, and an old but outstanding collection, Rainbows Are Made (1982), is waiting in the wings for children drawn to his distinctive voice and sensibility. ”—Kirkus Reviews

“The mood of the book is imaginative and . .. children will see the wit of the wordplay and the humor of the illustrations. ” —Resource Links

“The book is a beauty and I think my father's spirit is pleased. ”—Helga Sandburg Crile,author, poet and youngest daughter of Carl Sandburg

“This collection is perfect as an introduction to Sandburg’s work. ” —CM Reviews

“Children are in for a treat when they have this slight volume of Sandburg’s poems read to them. Illustrations are colorful, humorous and life-like in a whimsical sort of way. ..Youngsters will enjoy looking at the pictures many times since the illustrations give a different perspective of children, animals and the outdoors. You feel Sandburg’s understanding of and love for children when you read his poems. ”—Children's Literature

“It is hard not to be calm looking through this charming little picture book that wonderfully illustrates Sandburg going through his day . ..”—The Observer

“Stunning illustrations capture timeless poems . ..” —Books and More for Growing Minds