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A Seal in the Family

A Seal in the Family

By Maria Coffey
Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes
Categories: Children's Fiction
Themes: pets
Paperback : 9781550375800, 32 pages, May 1999 , 10.00" x 8.00"
Hardcover : 9781550375817, 32 pages, May 1999 , 10.00" x 8.00"


One day while Teelo the cat waits on Cloud Island beach, he hears a strange and sad crying noise—a stranded young seal pup.

Victor names her Lucille and decides she should live temporarily in the bathtub. When Lucille is old enough, Victor tries to return her to the sea—but she is terrified of the now unfamiliar ocean. Victor devises a way to get Lucille swimming again, and soon she is splashing around. Teelo wonders if he will ever see his friend again. Several summers later, Lucille comes back to visit with her pups.

Includes information on harbor seals.


“Lively illustrations in gouache by Eugenie Fernandes welcome us to a household of most appealing characters . ..” —Resource Links

“This little book has a great deal to offer in fun and shared experience. It comes highly recommended. ”—Langley Times

“Fernandes’s artwork is so vibrant, it seems to jump off the printed page. Recommended. ”—Canadian Book Review Annual