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A Pebble Story

A Pebble Story

Categories: Children's Fiction
Interest Age: 2–4
Grade: p–p
Board book : 9781554516544, 26 pages, June 2014 , 5.96" x 6.00"


Let’s go pebbling!

A child’s imagination can find something magical in just about anything—even an ordinary pebble. In this colorful board book, a little boy uses red and black pebbles to make a face. But when it comes to the teeth, wouldn’t green ones be perfect? With bucket in hand, he and his mom set out to find those just right pebbles.

He finds pebbles on the road, in the river, and even in his dreams, but there are no green pebbles anywhere. The solution is easy—all it takes is some green paint, and before you know it, his pebble face is sporting a big green pebble smile.

Perfect for very young children, this whimsical book shows how imagination and creativity can make anything possible. Sparse yet lyrical text describes the idyllic time the little boy spends with his mother, while the charming illustrations reflect the simple pleasures of a day in the country.


“A positive purchase for a home or day-care setting, for a read-aloud with an adult or for a child to read and enjoy on his or her own. ”

- CM Reviews, 10/17/14

“The illustrations depict lots of love between mother and son and add a bit of fun. ”

- Kirkus Reviews, 10/06/14

“Light fun that just might lead to some arts and crafts ideas. ”

- Publishers Weekly, 10/13/14

“Cheerful illustrations in oil bring the story to life, complementing and supplementing the very simple text. ”

- Canadian Children’s Book News, 03/15

“Perfect book for holding the attention of very young listeners with its colorful illustrations and melodic verbage. ”

- Goodreads, 07/19/14