Fanny Bouchard, who was always known professionally as Fanny, was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec, and lived on the south shore of Montreal. Even when she was very young, she dreamt of being a children’s book illustrator, having illustrated a story in an after-school painting class. She went on to study art and graphic design. Before fulfilling her childhood dream, Fanny worked in the theater where she created costumes and puppets. Later, she became a full-time illustrator. She loved to draw people, animals, monsters, etc., making them realistic and appealing for children. She was, therefore, very pleased to be asked to illustrate Hazel Hutchins’ Up Cat and Up Dog (2012). She found the most challenging part of drawing stylized animals was to make them real without anthropomorphizing them. Regrettably, Fanny passed away in April, 2012.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Fanny