Vincent Karle

Vincent Karle was born in 1976, the eldest of three children. He grew up in the north of France, and later moved to the south, near the Mediterranean. As a child, he liked to read books and comics. He also enjoyed playing superheroes, dressing up in costumes, and later became interested in acting and photography. He grew up surrounded by books, which his parents, both teachers, read to him day and night.

The first time Vincent read on his own was at the age of six. He came home from school one day, went straight to his parents’ library (his favorite room in the house), took out a book of Russian tales, and just started reading. As he sat in the big brown armchair by the window, the setting sun cast a yellow glow on the pages. He felt like the world was wide open before him, as if he were connected to the entire universe.

Vincent’s favorite subjects in school were history, art, and English. He got his university degree in philosophy and English, then spent time living in Paris, Lyon, and Aix en Provence. At the age of 19, after reading The Music of Chance by Paul Auster, Vincent decided that he wanted to be a writer.

What he enjoys most about the creative process is telling people’s stories. He does not create characters and events—he just writes down stories that he hears in his head. The greatest challenge is searching deep enough inside himself to find the stories that are already there. His advice for aspiring authors is to listen, then look, and finally write.

Vincent’s next project is a book for adults dealing with illegal immigrants in France. He is also writing a novel about jazz and boxing in the New York of the 30s and one about his family and how they fled the Civil War in Spain and moved to France.

Vincent lives with his wife and two children in the picturesque town of Sassenage in southeastern France.

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