Stephen Shapiro

Born and raised in Toronto, Stephen Shapiro began his life-long interest in history when he was still young. Luckily, his parents allowed themselves to be dragged around to more forts, museums, and ships than they had ever believed existed.

It’s a Feudal, Feudal World: A Different Medieval History (2013), combines Stepen’s passion for historical detail with infographics to create a highly informative, easily accessible, and entertaining look at the medieval world from Europe to the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Islamic empires. 

Stephen loves history because it can take you places you never dreamed of visiting—literally! His work has taken him to archives in London, England, beneath the deck of a real World War II destroyer, and to a fort in the middle of a golf course, as well as to more libraries than he can count.

Stephen completed a PhD in history at The Ohio State University. He now lives in Toronto.

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