Nadia Xerri-L.

Nadia Xerri-L. was born in Saint-Germain en Laye, France. She and her older sister grew up in and around Paris, and on the Ivory Coast in Africa. Her parents were both self-taught, very curious, open-minded individuals who inspired her interest in people and the arts. Her father, a sculptor, was especially instrumental in forming her view of the world.

Nadia always loved reading novels and poetry, but it was not until she was 29 years old that she started to write. A university professor, who was reviewing a paper Nadia was working on, suggested that she should consider becoming a writer. Nadia trusted her professor’s instincts, and two years later, she started to write. Now she devotes part of her time to writing and the rest to directing live theater.

The inspiration for her novella, Just Julie (2010), came from a news item that prompted her to think about how feelings of guilt can affect everyone in a family when one of its members commits a crime. As for the main character, Julie, she is modeled on a very talented actress who Nadia cast as the lead in one of her plays.

What Nadia enjoys most is creating characters who become so real that you think they actually exist. She also likes using dramatic language and finding just the right words. The advice she would give aspiring writers is: be demanding of yourself. Read over your work dozens of times and keep working at it relentlessly. A good writer is like a top athlete who never stops trying to beat his own record.

Nadia lives with her fiancé and his two children. In her spare time she likes to read, go for walks, look at scenery, and enjoy good food. Her future plans include writing plays, a novel, and screenplays.

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