Martha Newbigging

The daughter of two art teachers, Martha Newbigging was born to draw. There was even a chalkboard near the kitchen table for after-dinner artwork. Since those kitchen creations, Martha has gone on to become a graphic designer, web designer, and children’s book illustrator. She also works in animation, and her films have been shown in North America and Europe.

Martha has illustrated many Annick books, including Research Ate My Brain (2005), Attack of the Killer Video Book Take 2 (2012) and Jared Lester Fifth Grade Jester (2006). She is also the illustrator of all six books in the non-fiction series about jobs people had long ago. Her latest is Warriors and Wailers: One Hundred Ancient Chinese Jobs You Might Have Relished or Reviled (2012).

Martha lives beside a river in rural Ontario, just outside her birthplace of Toronto, with her dog, Ruby, and two homeless cats. Besides drawing pictures, Martha likes to paddle a kayak, play tennis, look at birds, and grow lettuce.