Ken Rivard

As a child, Ken enjoyed reading, observing, pretending, laughing, building forts, and hockey. His parents encouraged him to read and write as they were both voracious readers themselves. Favorite books were Treasure Island, Moby Dick, The Count of Monte Cristo and all the classics, The Hardy Boys, and westerns.

Ken got his start writing on a rainy Friday afternoon in grade six when he and his classmates were asked to write an exciting story. His was about a bear chasing him to the edge of a cliff. His teacher loved it and told him that one day he might be a writer.

The inspiration for Mom, the School Flooded (Revised 2007) came from a leaky ceiling in a real school and his two favorite writing words: “What if?” His advice for aspiring authors is to remember that 85 percent of successful writing involves stamina—don’t give up! Ken is incredibly curious about most human behavior, and is inspired by the works of many writers.

Other interests and hobbies include daily exercise (treadmill and push-ups); all kinds of films; watching comedy; traveling; snorkeling; helping others; reading; visiting with good friends. Future plans include writing and more writing, and traveling.

Ken was born and grew up in Montreal, Quebec, and has traveled widely throughout North America and Europe. He is married with twin daughters and lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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