Guillaume Perreault

At the end of his studies in graphic design, Guillaume decided that he would turn illustration into a career. He worked for a number of different companies in and around Ottawa, but he now works as a freelancer. 

His client list is very diverse and includes commercial illustration, comic books, materials for events, and educational materials as well as children’s books. He is also part of various art collectives and has participated in numerous shows. 

His main mediums are colored pencils, pen, and graphite. He then uses the computer to finesse or to add color, but only if necessary. His work is sometimes very simple and at other times, very busy with lots of detail. But what remains the same is his sense of humor, which is apparent in all his work. Although the subject matter varies a great deal, Guillaume’s first priority is to make people smile and to share his passion for illustration with them.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Guillaume Perreault