Francis Blake

Francis Blake was born in Essex, England, and spent his early years there. The town where he grew up was just on the eastern edge of London, where he lives today. As a student, he enjoyed studying art and science. When he first left school, he worked in a medical laboratory, but after a few years, he decided to go to art school and become an illustrator.

Francis was encouraged to draw by his grandmother and aunt, who were both amateur artists. His earliest memory of drawing, at age three or four, is looking out into the garden and drawing the birds that were eating the seeds his father had put out for them.

As well as illustrating, Francis is a voracious reader. His favorite books as a child were the works of Mark Twain, and later The Hobbit. He also enjoys watching movies and meeting friends at the pub.

Francis has a twelve-year-old cat called Sufi who spends most of the time curled up on a pillow by the fireside. He also shares a dog with his girlfriend. The dog’s name is Betsy and her favorite activity is singing!

His advice for aspiring authors and illustrators: “Keep at it! It’s a tough world for the arts, and you have to keep making yourself visible.” As for himself, he plans to go on drawing as long as he can. He loves being an illustrator, but is thinking about writing a children’s book one of these days.