Erika Medina

Erika Medina grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico. Both of her parents are accountants with music and crafts as hobbies, who made sure that she and her two younger brothers, now a musician and a soon-to-be engineer, were in constant contact with art and creative activities. 

Although she started drawing at a young age, she always wanted to study medicine and become a coroner. It was only a year after applying to university that she decided to study graphic design, which she did briefly before moving to Canada at the age of 19. After the second year of her BFA, where she studied art history, social and critical studies, she took a leave of absence and when back to Mexico seeking technical training with artist Javier Ramos Salazar. After a life of slowly learning to draw and paint on her own, this was the first time that Erika experienced what felt like real technique learning. It was during these months that she felt that her skills really evolved. This experience also inspired her to teach drawing and painting herself. 

After graduating from university, she followed her interest in illustration, storytelling, myths, and legends, and started working as a freelance illustrator and private art instructor. Erika also enjoys nature and old scary stories, which inform some of her work as well. 

Outside of her art career, her hobbies include reading and making soft crafts like needle felting, where she makes the characters from her illustrations, and taking care of her houseplants.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Erika Medina