Delphine Bodet

Delphine was born in the countryside in northern France, but having parents who were restless, she moved around a lot as a child! She lived in different places across France until she ended up in the south as a teenager. Perhaps that’s the reason why, since early childhood, she has always been very curious and observant, especially about nature and the animal world, two subjects that fascinate her. The south of France is where she first met illustrators, painters, and designers who taught and inspired her during adolescence and well into adulthood. She also learned a great deal while working for a large company that produced comic books.

When she was six years old, Delphine made up stories that she also illustrated. She created small comic books with her father, who wrote music to go with them. This turned into a passion for her.

The source of inspiration for her drawings remains nature and animals as well as photography, which she uses to frame her subjects and create good compositions. She also makes up stories (none of which has been published, but she’s working on it...) based on her day-to-day life, the questions that arise from it, and a desire to talk about it while creating something fun.

Delphine’s favorite part of being an artist is the initial concept, when she makes a storyboard and imagines all the small scenes that are going to make up her story. She also loves coming up with characters. “Everything comes from that. It’s magical,” she says. The hard part is the actual execution, which is more difficult and often takes a long time. Delphine feels it’s important to keep enjoying what you’re doing; otherwise the final product will reflect it.

When she isn’t drawing, Delphine loves traveling, swimming, and singing. Her fiancé is also an illustrator, and together they are working on a project for scientists at the university in Malaysia on a strange (but real) animal that lives in the Borneo jungle. She is also working on developing a picture book.

Her advice for aspiring illustrators is to remain curious about the world around you while cultivating your own “secret garden.” Keep watch for all those things that can inspire you to create something great. And keep drawing!

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illustrated by Delphine Bodet