David MacDonald

David MacDonald was born and grew up in southern Ontario. Both of his parents love to read, so the house was filled with books.

“Even before I could read, I loved books,” explains David. “My parents would read me stories and then, on my own, I would go through the books, looking at the pictures and remembering what happened in the stories. When I could first read a few simple words, like if, then, and but, I would circle them in any books I could find. Luckily, I used pencil, so I didn’t get into too much trouble!”

As he got older, David realized that nonfiction books could be just as interesting as stories. Today, he still reads quite a bit of nonfiction, mixed in with novels. “I’m usually in the middle of reading two or three books at any one time,” says David.

After studying English Literature at the University of Toronto, David became a writer and editor, specializing in books for young people. “Many people think that if you’re a writer, you must find writing easy,” David says. “I don’t! I work and work at it, making lots of changes until I’m finally happy with what I’ve written.”

In addition to co-authoring A Native American Thought of It (2008), David has written several educational books for young readers, and has edited over 40 books for children, including picture books, fairy tale anthologies, biographies, and nonfiction on a wide variety of topics.

David lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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