Capucine Mazille

Capucine was born and raised in Holland, the second daughter of a Dutch mother and a Dutch/Indonesian father. She grew up with a great deal of Indonesian influence: her parents lived in Indonesia for a number of years, including during the war with Japan when they were both prisoners of war. (Her father was a survivor of Nagasaki.) When she was 18, she went hitchhiking in France where she met her “prince charming.” She has lived in France since then, married to the same man for 40 years.

As a child, she was not very “girly.” She loved to play “Cowboys and Indians” with the boys. She is still very fond of everything Native American. At that age, she was already doing a lot of drawing and painting, including “western” comic books.

At the age of 5, she discovered reading, which opened up a whole new world for her. She enjoys westerns, of course, and ghost stories, Jack London, and Edgar Allen Poe. As a teenager, she discovered Tolkien, whose books made a huge impression on her. They urged her to go on the road (hence, the hitchhiking), but she never got further than France.

Capucine loved almost every subject at school—except math. Her parents were very supportive of her studies in art; her father was an illustrator. At first, she wanted to be painter and not follow in her father’s footsteps as an illustrator, but all her paintings tell stories. Her first book came about when the publisher attended one of her art shows and asked her to illustrate a little book in French and Arabic. Since then, she has illustrated more than 50 books.

Capucine enjoys doing research, which is why she often illustrates non-fiction titles. She speaks Dutch, French, English, and some German.

She and her husband live in Brittany with their Siberian cat in a little crooked street near the harbor in the medieval town of Dinan. She has an open studio/gallery where she works and where people can buy her original artwork.

Her three children have grown up with a sense of adventure: her eldest son lives in Bordeaux; her second son in Beijing, and her daughter in Santiago de Chile. That gives her and her husband lots of opportunities to travel around the world whenever they can.

Her next book will be a comic book about witches who have a restaurant. It will contain a lot of recipes (she loves cooking!).

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