Belle DeMont

Belle DeMont grew up in a creative household in the salt-licked city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her love of the make-believe started with imaginary friends and quickly moved on to made-up stories. As with many people, math, science and grammar were not Belle’s strong suits, so from an early age she began looking for imaginative ways to complete her school assignments.

Belle attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she received her BFA with a specialization in drawing. When asked to do a final paper for a writing class, Belle asked if she could instead write and illustrate a children’s story. The teacher happily agreed and this story eventually became her first children’s book, I Love My Purse (Fall 2017), published by Annick Press.

She then went on to complete a certificate in digital illustration at Montreal’s Concordia University. Her inspiration comes from sources ranging as widely as the joys of childhood, the history of her native province—and everything in between.

Belle happily spends most of her time making up stories and capturing them in drawings and words.

Annick Press books
by Belle DeMont