Bathseba Opini

Bathseba Opini was born and raised in Kenya. She now lives in Toronto with her family.

During her elementary and high school years, Bathseba loved history. Her parents, however, insisted that she needed to excel in science, math and English. After graduating from high school, she decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in education. She loves working with students and has taught at all levels, from elementary school to university, in Kenya and Canada.

Bathseba likes reading about and documenting the struggles and achievements of the African people. For a long time, she hoped to write about Africa for young audiences. When the opportunity to write Africans Thought of It (2011) arose, she was excited and gladly took it on. Bathseba says writing for children is fun; it makes her come to the children’s level, enter their minds, and imagine their world. Her hobbies include reading, travelling and adventure, watching cartoons, and gardening.

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