Ashwathy P. S.

Ashwathy P.S. was born and raised in Kerala, India. As a child she had a passion for painting, drawing, and cooking. She has always been fascinated by the touch and feel of books; they taught her a lot—from identifying smells, to how an object looks and feels. Ashwathy went on to get her bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Stella Maris College. From there she published her first children’s book Fly, Little Fish! in 2017. Indian folk art has always been an influence for her books, as shown in her newest board book, One Rainy Day (Fall 2018). She is a creative person who loves to transform a piece of paper into a whole new experience. She loves to explore the field of art and believes that art can evolve from anything. Ashwathy now lives in Chennai, India.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Ashwathy P. S.