Andrea Wayne von Königslöw

Andrea Wayne von Königslöw was born in Toronto and moved with her family to Cuernavaca, Mexico, when she was eight years old. Andrea has always loved picture books, and counts The Cat in the Hat, the Black Stallion series, and “every fairy tale [she] could find” among her favorites. Her parents always encouraged her to read, and they kept the house filled with books and beautiful artwork that inspired Andrea to create stories and artwork of her own.

She returned to Toronto to attend Thornton High School for the Arts, where she was formally trained in drawing and painting. Andrea, who uses ink and watercolor, developed her technique over time with lots of practice. She credits her many artist friends as her teachers and inspiration over the years, as well as the work of fellow Canadian children's book illustrators.

As a child, Andrea developed a big imagination, and as an adult she always has a pad of paper to write down her ideas, because almost anything she sees can spark a story, especially driving or walking alone in the country. Mostly she likes to think of stories that will make children laugh. Her inspiration for Toilet Tales (revised, 2008) was her daughter Alexis. “When she was a small child sitting on the toilet, she said to me, ‘Mommy, if I was an elephant I would smash the toilet to pieces.’ I laughed, and then thought about why other animals might not be able to use a toilet.”

Her advice to other aspiring authors is to “read all the children's books you can. If you have stories inside you, knowing how others write will help you compose your stories for children today.” She also suggests starting or joining a writers’ group, as it is important to read your stories aloud and to others. “Take their comments seriously, and don’t give up. If you have a fire inside to write for children, it is up to you to not let that fire go out.”

Andrea lives in Toronto with her husband, Rainer, and their four cats. They have three children, all attending university. She enjoys theater and film, and spends a great deal of time in her studio pursuing her love of writing and illustrating.

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